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Hog Canyon Project

The first ATV Club project in 2006, was to help the Canyon Country 4×4 club, who had began developing the Hog Canyon trail system.  They had erected a kiosk at the staging area and a kiosk was constructed. State Parks provided trail signs and markers, then; with the support of Kane County the UT/AZ ATV Club secured the culverts in which the costs were paid from a Polaris grant. Kane County installed the new culvers in order to keep the often washed out  road open. Since that time the BLM has added a gravel base to the staging area and rerouted the staging area access road, and was a difficuly climb due to the sandy conditions.
Hog Canyon Trails Staging area: (US 89 north of Kanab) access to the Hog Canyon trail system. Can be accessed from Kanab. Look for the destinctive Hog Canyon Trails signs throughout Kanab and along the OHV Trail to get to Hog Canyon. Moreover, in 2015 the UT/AZ ATV Club joined with Utah State Parks, and Kane County to errect a bridge crossing (72″ width) ot cross Kanab Creek.

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