Utah Arizona ATV Club

A local civic organization

Club Membership:  The annual dues of $25.00 are paid in January of each year of membership.  The membership fee includes those living within your home.  

Yes, because of member interest, Camp-outs, additional rides, Vehicle / ATV tours, parades, and the annual holiday dinner are scheduled in addition to the third Saturday of the month rides.  These events are approved by the membership and presented at Club meetings.  Participation is optional, times are subject to change.

ATV Club rides, camp-outs and events are posted in a yearly schedule sent out via our updated new website, and reminders using G-Mail email address list.  Updated change notices are posted one week before the event if possible.  The event schedule will be posted on the ATV Club Website.  

Many areas of our rides do not require ATV’s to be street legal.  However, the enforcement of related laws tends to be very inconsistent.  Riders who choose not to license their ATV for use on public roads must recognize that participating in a club ride will be done at their own risk.  The rider is solely responsible for any resulting citations.  Please note that some trails may restrict OHV’s wider than 50 o 60 inches.  The Club and Trail Boss cannot be responsible if you choose to ride a wider OHV and are restricted from certain trails, it is your responsibility to know of these restrictions.

No, usually the Camp-out location is posted and directions given to the members.