Utah Arizona ATV Club

A family oriented organization promoting safety, education and responsible riding.

We are an outdoor OHV recreational club comprised of community members and friends who enjoy recreating on our public lands using our OHV’s. We represent hundreds of local members and members from a number of western states.

In 2017 our club volunteered for over 1000 hours of community service projects.

About our Club:
Our club takes pride in our volunteer community service activities. The club is also involved in many other volunteer service events; such as highway clean up, monitoring and cleaning OHV Staging areas, and OHV Trails.

We support our local schools and students, giving three annual ATV Club scholarships. We do donations to other community charitable organizations through the Kanab Volunteer Center supporting the needy. Our members recognized and support our veterans. With our varied membership and our fellowship, we enjoy riding our ATV’s and OHV’s through some of the most beautiful ATV trails in the USA.

We volunteer with certified OHV ride instructors teaching young and new riders to responsibly stay on designated trails and to “Ride Safely”. By example, we practice responsible Off Highway Vehicle recreation and TREAD Lightly.

Additionally, we do an Armed Forces Day special ride honoring our military veterans calling it our Warriors OHV Ride, we also proudly participate in Kanab’s 4th of July parade.

Our endeavor continues to be supportive of our local businesses, whenever possible by bringing to Kane County, the many outdoor enthusiasts to experience the beauty of Southern Utah and Kane County and to ride our Anasazi OHV Trail System.

UT/AZ ATV Club Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a social organization for ATV enthusiasts. We will provide guided ATV rides, camp outs, tours and social events. Educational and recreational forums will be provided for all ages based on safe use of ATV’s and the responsible use of ATV trails. Members will assist in the development and maintenance of ATV trails on public lands specifically for ATV recreation and continued access to public lands. Additionally, the UT/AZ ATV Club will support our community through positive outreach programs and contributions.

The ATV Club has updated the Bylaws approved by membership vote in 2017. To view the Bylaws: Click Here

UT/AZ ATV Club Meetings

UT/AZ ATV Club Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month.

The ATV Club has indoor meetings in the months of February, March, April, October and November at 6:30 PM for a desert social, then the Club meeting at 7:00 PM, at the Search and Rescue Meeting room 2nd Floor at the Kanab Utah Airport. No December or January meeting unless notified.

In the summer months of May, June, July, August, the Club meetings are at the Kanab Rancho’s city park at 6:00PM in Kanab, Utah. A short September meeting is conducted on Cedar Mountain at the Club annual Steak cook-out and Camp-out.

See Club Bylaws



The Utah / Arizona ATV Club is a group of OHV enthusiasts who value our ability to access and enjoy the outdoor and off-road opportunities that our government lands provide.

We have a family membership of over 200 from more than a dozen western states.  We represent the interests of our membership both young and old in having equal access to OHV trails.  Our membership represents many veterans and retirees, who, in our later years enjoy being outdoors and our OHV and ATV adventures.  We annually spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in our local communities in support of our outdoor activities.  We are proud to bring many of our out of state members and chapters to Kane County and support their access to our local trails and adventures.  We represent our local communities being an advocate of the OHV rider and especially our veterans.  We  also know what actual conservationism is about, not talking about it but by our own efforts.  We annually do road and trail cleanups and staging development that benefit all who use our roads and trails.

Club Membership:  The annual dues of $25.00 are paid in January of each year of membership.  The membership fee includes those living within your home.  Dues not paid by May of the following year will result in you being removed from the active membership list and the correspondence lists.  ATV Club meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month except December.  Meeting times are at 7:00 PM in the winter months, and at 6:00 PM during the summer months when we do a cookout after our meetings.  Monthly club rides are generally the Saturday after the Thursday meeting.  ATV Club rides, camp-outs, and special events are posted on the ATV Club website and emails are sent to the membership.

The ATV Club Bylaws designate Club Rides for each third Saturday after the Club meeting.  These monthly rides may be changed as determined by the Trail Boss.  Complaints of the ride destinations and/or changes made or ride experiences, speed, trail conditions, et el., should be directed to the Ride and Event Chair, Tony Wright at  435-899-8116.

Yes, because of member interest, Camp-outs, additional rides, Vehicle / ATV tours, parades, and the annual holiday dinner are scheduled in addition to the third Saturday of the month rides.  These events are approved by the membership and presented at Club meetings.  Participation is optional, times are subject to change.

ATV Club rides, camp-outs and events are posted in a yearly schedule sent out via our updated new website, and reminders using G-Mail email address list.  Updated change notices are posted one week before the event if possible.  The event schedule will be posted on the ATV Club Website.  

Many areas of our rides do not require ATV’s to be street legal.  However, the enforcement of related laws tends to be very inconsistent.  Riders who choose not to license their ATV for use on public roads must recognize that participating in a club ride will be done at their own risk.  The rider is solely responsible for any resulting citations.  Please note that some trails may restrict OHV’s wider than 50 o 60 inches.  The Club and Trail Boss cannot be responsible if you choose to ride a wider OHV and are restricted from certain trails, it is your responsibility to know of these restrictions.

No, usually the Camp-out location is posted and directions given to the members.

The ATV Club conducts social events on pre-designated dates as requested by the membership.  Participation is at the discretion of the member.  ATV Club sponsored dinners or other sponsored activities are paid from the “Split the Pot” funds collected at our ATV Club meetings.

The ATV Club has chapters. The Circle of Friends is comprised of out of state members who visit each year usually in October.  We will help this group with guiding them on new and old rides and welcoming them to our meetings.  The Vehicle Road Trip Chapter is comprised of members who schedule and enjoy our vehicle road trips.  Trips are usually for several days to interesting locations and staying in motels.  Those members who wish to be on the road trip mail list will receive notifications of planned road trips.