Upcoming Events: updated September 21, 2020

Much thanks are in order to recoginize the ATV Club Secretary Patty Kubeja for her efforts to keep us informed. So let this be a SHOUT OUT of appreciation for her hard work......THANKS PATTY!


As taken from the September 17, ATV Club minutes.

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Political Action by ATV Club

All of these documents can be reviewed on the ATV Club website: http://www.utazatvclub.org   Go to the “About Us” tab - then “News and Politics”

September 17, 2020 Agenda Items:

Following Change to the Club By-Laws were proposed and approved by majority Club vote.

Section 1. Officers:

A.Officers of the UT/AZ ATV Club shall consist of the following:

3. Second Vice-PresidentSales and Marketing

 C.   Duties of the club officers shall include:

 The second-vice PresidentSales and Marketing shall:

1.  be in charge of club apparel for sale andinventory. Selling and collecting split-the-pot fundraising during monthly meetings (the Clubs part of the funds are to be maintained by the Treasurer

2.  shall work in coordination with club sub-committees and Treasurer on ALL additional fund raising events

Section 2. Membership and Dues:

a.  Membership is open to any person or household who wishes to support the stated purposes of the club and accept the stated duties of Club members.

b.  Membership Dues shall be $25 per household annually. Membership shall run from January to January each year. Membership shall cease, and communications end upon six 6 months of delinquency. Only current members in good standing shall be entitled to the benefits of Club membership. Spouses of deceased members receive honorary membership with full benefits. Members who turn 80 years old may have their household dues waived beginning the year following their birthday (upon their request). Effective January 2018, all renewing members attending the January holiday ‘Christmas’ dinner shall receive a $5 discount on the cost of each meal served. Annual Membership Dues will be collected along with the cost of the dinner(s) from each individual attendee.

c.  NEW Memberships: Person(s) who join prior to August 31st, the membership dues paid will be for current year and not qualify to be rolled over into next years dues. If they join September 1st or after, then the membership dues will qualify to be rolled into the next year. However, if they want to attend our annual September Steak BBQ, then will be required to pay $10 per person to cover the cost of their steak(s). NOTE: ALL the clubs BBQ expenses are paid from our Split-the-Pot fundraising, and are NOT part of our Membership Dues.

- Fund Raiser: Hotel Room @ Horseshoe Mountain Lodge during Falls Color Ride 5 Oct-9 Oct (4 nights) donated by Club member Ken Kuni (Thanks so much). Minimum bid $250/ $400 value. Purchased by Tony Wright.

Red Rock Jamboree Planning on going by the Kane Co Travel Council. Dates 28 Apr -1 May 2021. Tony will have a meeting with Clay Stewart BLM soon. Club will encourage the planners to include Kane County versus Kanab.

-Club Flags For Sale:  To order a UT/AZ ATV Club flag simply log onto :  https://foreverwave.com/product/ut-az-atv-club-flag/ and complete the order form. You will want to order the UT/AZ ATV Club Flag ($24.95) and the “CB Antenna Sleeve – Black “ ($19.95). Shipping is $6.95. No tax. Total is $51.95. The club flag is displayed on the link.

Additional flag information is available on the web site - foreverwave.com. You are encouraged to visit and explore the web site – but to avoid confusion, the simplest way to order the club flag is the one described above.

- Steve Hermansen will have a radio party at his home- date:TBD. Members can get their radios  programmed and loaded specifically with Blue Dot which is the frequency of choice for the Club. If anyone is in need of purchasing a radio you can get one from Steve for about $25. 

- Save the Date:  UT/AZ ATV Club Holiday Party 7 Jan 2021 @ the Kanab Community Center. Caterer TBD. More info to follow.


Upcoming Events:

- CANCELLED: 23-26 Sept  ATV Club Camp-out Sandhills:Camp and ride the Sandhills area. Trailboss: 

5-9 Oct : Falls Color Ride 

15 Oct Club Meeting @ SAR Bldg 6:30 dessert social/7:00 Club meeting

17 Oct Sat Club Ride/Highway Clean Up: 8:00 Highway Clean Up followed by Club ride to Nephi’s Pasture

Member comments or questions….

October 5-9, Falls Color Ride - Staging for 4 days from Mt. Pleasant, Utah.
There are 20 machines signed up and we have been informed that the fall colors have began to change.

Oct. 15, Club Meeting @ SAR Bldg 6:30 dessert social/7:00 Club meeting.

Oct. 17, Sat. Club Ride/Highway Clean Up: 8:00 Highway Clean Up followed by Club ride to Nephi’s Pasture


KC Colors 10

Next Meeting


Next Meeting: It is scheduled

October 15, 2020, Club Meeting
6:00 PM, Dessert Social,
7:00 PM Club meeting
Kanab City Airport
Search and Rescue (SAR) meeting room
2nd floor at large metal building.
Please bring dessert treats prior to meeting

QUESTIONS OR AGENDA SUGGESTIONS TO: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

Members Input, upcoming rides


The ATV Club often receives requests for suggestions for camping areas and/or OHV rides in and around Kanab. They are simply referred to this ATV Club website and told to click on the "Staging Areas and Events Tab". Then go to Kane County ATV Trailheads and (Staging Areas)

This lists ten staging areas within 30 miles of Kanab, most offer dry camping availability, some with pit toilers, all have GPS coordinaces and photos.


Attention all members; 

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