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Below is the link to Avenza Maps and the two PDF maps we asked about during our last meeting with the BLM. Mike Reid.

This information comes to you thanks to Mike Reid via President Tony Wright

Please see link below regarding the digital maps as discussed at our last meeting.


I have also attached .pdf digital versions of the hog canyon trail map and Kanab Field Office transportation map.
I am still working on getting you the 50 hard-copy maps of the Hog Canyon Trail system:)
Dan Gunn
Outdoor Recreation Planner
Bureau of Land Management, Kanab Field Office


KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next Meeting:

Thursday March 19,2020
Location: Kanab Airport
Kanab County Search and Rescue (SAR)Facility, 2nd Floor

6:30 Dessert Social served. 7:00 PM Club Meeting


Members Input, upcoming rides


Attention all members;
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