Recent Rides and Events:

The October 20, 2018, Saturday Highway 89 highway cleanup. Thank you to the more than 20 ATV Club members who assembled and helped in the US 89 Highway cleanup.

ATV Club Saturday ride after cleanupAfterwards the ATV Club trailered to the end of Johnson Canyon and the Skutumpah Road Staging area. Thanks to the Ride Leader, Ken Hodson who took the group of 13 machines to the Mill Creek road where all enjoyed the loop route around Mill Creek, Bald Knoll back to the Glendale Bench Road with a side trip to Cutler Point.

Isn't it ironic to know how much time and effort our ATV Club gives back to our community, doing our community service projects, amounting to more than 1000 hours annually. While, the self-indulgent environmental elitists, in comparison, give our community nothing but "lip service" in lieu of asking for monetary donations. Never seen these groups, or their supporters out there getting their hands dirty unless it directly benefits their specific agenda.

An editorial opinion of your outgoing ATV Club President SR Smith.
I support this message paid for by the hard work of the ATV Club membership. 


The ATV Club 4th annual Fall Colors ride, Oct. 2 to 5, 2018.

We enjoyed a great ride, had loads of fun, it was cold, it was muddy, it was not dusty. Click below to view the full ride report.
Link to Riders Report



KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting: November 15, 2018
Kane County Search and Rescue (SAR) meeting room, 2nd floor.
Kane County Airport.

6:30 Desert Social

Note: Desert sides volunteers are: Linda Wright, Susie Hodson, and Judy Habbeshaw

Meeting begins: 7:00 PM





Upcoming Events

Thank you for those who completed our ATV Club questionaire. Your opinion as to the direction of the ATV Club in the future is important. We will submit the results for review at the November meeting and here.

 Request for Volunteers, Tri-State ATV Club Rally, March 13 to 16, 2019

ATV Club members,

Dale Grange, along with Brad Cary, and Glen Zumwalt: Tri-State ATV Club, Hurricane, UT attended the October 18, 2018 ATV Club meeting to speak reference their 2019 Tri-State OHV Rally. He was asking for volunteer leaders for the Tri-State OHV Rally March 13 to 16, 2019 in Hurricane, UT. Information to be sent out to our members reference this request as follows.
The Tri-State ATV Club is one of our sister OHV organizations. They have always been very supportive of our ATV Club, with cash donations for the development of the Elephant Cove Staging area and other projects.
Registration for the March 2019 Rally begins on November 1, 2019 and registration is completed through the Tri-State ATV Club website only, go to:

Anyone interested in helping with some of the Kane County rides; Hog Canyon, Peek A Boo, Elephant Cove (Mail Drop/Barracks), Yellow Jacket as guides or assistants please contact me directly or contact the Tri-State ATV Club. Dale Grange at email;

As I understand it, those who volunteer are invited to some of the Rally Social events during the rally at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Our ATV Club has started a volunteer Tri-State ATV Club rally guide/assistant list and received a volunteer for guiding the Peek-A-Boo already. So, let me or Dale know ASAP.

SR Smith, Pres.
435 644-8236