2017 ATV Club Fall Colors Ride: October 10 to 13, Four day Three nights; Deer Springs to Escalante via Death Ridge, 100 miles, Escalante to Circleville, via Poison Creek trail to Antimony, Pole Canyon to Paiute Trail to Circleville. 100 miles. Circleville to Panguitch via the Fremont Trail, Sanford Canyon 60 miles. Panguitch to Deer Springs via the Haycock trails, Aunt Anne’s cheese house, the big lava flow and Hatch, then up to the East Fork to Monument Point and down to our vehicles 106 miles. No injuries, one flat great ride which had everything you could imagine. The best of it were the people who all had a great time.


8th Annual Bryce ATV/UTV Rally

August 25-26, 2017

2017 Bryce Rally 6


2017 Bryce Rally 2


2017 Bryce Rally 5


2017 Bryce Rally 4


KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting: November 16, 2017

: posted via email 11-14-17

Watch for the proposed ATV Club Byllaws ammendments to be posted.

Location: Kanab Airport 6:30 PM

Kanab County Search and Rescue (SAR) Facility, 2nd Floor

6:30 Dessert Social served.


7:00 PM Club Meeting:


Upcoming Events


I am sorry to say that the Nov 1 to 4, 2017 ATV Club Camp-out at Black-rock is cancelled. Some of the earlier people who knew the area rides had other commitments, and several others said they could not go for various reasons. 
We will keep this in mind, as the ATV Club evaluates, the other poorly attended camp-outs this year, as we plan for the 2018 Rides, Camp-out and event schedule. 
Any ideas for next year would be appreciated. 
There is one last 2017 scheduled ride on Saturday Nov. 18, 2017 on the Arizona Strip. More to come about this ride when a guide has committed..