Saturday, March 10th, 2018 ATV Club ride: Little Creek Mountain

8:00 to 8:25 AM
Meet at the Shortstop in Fredonia parking on the north side of the Shortstop, get there early to get your goodies we will be departing promptly at 8:30 AM. We will trailer our OHV’s to Little Creek Chevron Station. (Apple Valley) staging from that location. For the St George/Hurricane and Apple Valley we should be arriving around 9:15 AM.
Riding our OHV’s to east approach to the designated trails along the side of the highway. The ride will be to the point overlooking the AZ Strip with views of St George and visiting two petroglyph sites, time permitting a side trip to another Petroglyph panel on the AZ Strip. Ride leader Tony Wright.
All sizes of OHV’s should be okay, bring your lunch. We will not be using the Burma Hill, a 50” trail.


I have received several calls regarding the Paria Road, Kane County Road #6200. As you know the ATV Club strongly supports Kane County in their efforts to officially open this route to all who wish to travel it. We are working with the Federal Land managers and cooperating fully with Kane county in this effort. As far as we are informed, at this time, it is not opened for travel.
Many have heard that this route is open for use. Please be aware that it would be premature to run this route as long as it remains posted closed. We expect in the near future to be informed of the status of this route.
Our members and supporters will be the first to know when this happens.

Thank you for your continued support.

SR Smith,
President, UT/AZ ATV Club
435 644-8236

 All Members,

We welcome our new Vice-President Steve Hermansen. The following people are appointed to the 2018 ATV Club Committees:

Club annual fund raiser OHV Fun Run Rally Committee:

Fun Run Chairmen: Club President, Sam Smith, Fun Run committee: Tony Wright, Jim Aziz, Jack Clark, Jim Harris, Steve Hermansen, Bob Aiken, Bain Swapp.
Lorraine & John Scribner, Gail Dvorak ATV Club elected Secretary as advisor.

Club monthly scheduled rides, camp-outs and special events committee:

Bain Swapp, Trail Boss, Tony Wright, Ride and Event Chairman & Coordinator, Members: Bob Aiken, Mark Habbeshaw, Steve Hermansen, Jack Clark, Mark Kubeja, James Bermant.
SR Smith, notifications

Club services and donations committee:

Gail Dvorak, Pam Aziz, Judy Habbeshaw. (New budget and scholarship procedures to be developed)
Fall Club Donations: $500 donation made to the Kane Co. Volunteer Center for needy families for Christmas, presented by SR Smith. $250 donation to the American Legion women’s auxiliary to send Young Ladies to Girls State. Presented by Judy Habbeshaw.

Club governmental affairs and public relations, committee:

Mark Habbeshaw, Mike Reid, Ray Wells, Tony Wright, Bob Wallen.
Talking points BLM letter reference RMP of new monument sent and posted on the Club Website.

Communications: Website:

Anna Chase, Sam Smith. Facebook: Lorraine Scribner, Gail Dvorak.

Special Events/ATV Club Trailer: Club Cookie:

Jim Aziz, assistant SR Smith.



KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting: March 15, 2018

6:30 Dessert Social served.

Meeting begins: 7:00 PM

: posted via email 3-13-18 

Location: Kanab Airport 6:30 PM

Kanab County Search and Rescue (SAR) Facility, 2nd Floor




Upcoming Events

 ATV Club Camp-Out Whitney Pockets

March 21st to 25th ATV Club Camp-Out at WHITNEY POCKETS (Gold Butte National Monument)

We would like to get a count of people going on the Whitney Pockets camp out.
Confirm your attendance by emailing:
So we have four RSVP units.
Planned rides:
Rides: 1. To Devils Throat, Devils Cove Road via Hells Kitchen to Lake Mead, Colorado river narrows. 2. To Gold Butte Site, search for the Treasure Hawk Mine, and Radio Crystal Mine, then to Scanlon Grade to Scanlon Ferry - Lake Mead, Gregg Basin, the Joker Mine site attempt at Jumbo Pass. 3. St Thomas Gap down Black Wash to Grand Wash to Tassi Ranch. 4. Ride to Virgin River access loop, to ‘The Narrows’ returning the long way or short way. Other agreed optional rides to sites and locations.
Social Events:
Wednesday evening: welcome snacks and treats.
Thursday evening: Ice Cream and cookie social.
Friday evening: Chili or Cowboy Dutch oven beans for dinner with Dutch Oven Cowboy potatoes and rolls. Pot luck style, bring your own utensils and plates and bowls.
Saturday: Will set up a campfire grill for use to grill your own dinner.

Directions to Whitney Pockets:
Take I-15 Southbound through Mesquite, 11 miles to exit #112 (Bunkerville exit) Nevada highway 170. Drive under the Interstate go about 2.5 miles to the Virgin River Bridge. As soon as you cross the bridge turn right on the old paved road, follow the pavement for about 20 miles to the end of the pavement. Although paved, this road is notoriously pot holed and in bad condition. You will follow along the south side of the Virgin River then begin to slowly gain elevation. Take your time driving this road. Make sure you have your vehicle and trailer tires aired up and have a good spare. The road is posted 25 MPH, but take it slow, enjoy the scenery and you will be okay. Cell service is spotty.
Jan and I went there in our truck on Sunday March 4, and there were a number of good camps available. (See Photos)
The ATV Club, will be dry Camping around the area of Whitney Pockets depending on camp-site availability, look for the ATV Club signs, please bring extra firewood for a group campfire, 4 nights. Remember extra gas.

Tentative Schedule: Please note: The rides from Whitney Pockets camp are long and enduring, due to distances traveled and much of the desert landscape covered the travel speeds on the well-used roads will be in excess of 30 to 40 mph. It is imperative that you keep contact with the rider in front of you, at a dustless distance, and make sure you get visual signals from the person following on road or intersection road changes.
All rides are tentative and can be changed due to conditions and/or by ride leaders.
Note: below is a link to maps of the new Gold Butte National Monument, most of the routes we have previously taken remain open.

Riders rule: Each person is responsible to make sure that the following rider is aware of all turns. Do this by slowing or stopping (if necessary) making sure that the following rider knows where you are going. (Look for a hand wave and respond likewise). If the rider following you does not appear stop and wait, eventually the entire group will stop. Do not follow too close and moderate your speeds and distances. Please keep pace with the rider ahead of you so as not to slow down the following riders. If you are unsure of your ability ‘stop’ and ask for assistance. The average ride touring speed is 15 to 20 MPH, the average good road speed is 25 to 35 MPH.