Upcoming Rides and Camp-Outs, Events:

The October 20, 2018, Saturday Highway 89 highway cleanup scheduled.
Meet at 8:30 AM at the 8-Mile gap road east of Kanab for the road cleanup. Ken Hodson will coordinate this clean-up.

ATV Club Saturday ride after cleanupAfterwards trailer to the end of Johnson Canyon and the Skutumpah Road Staging area. Ride to Mill Creek and/or Cutler Point area.

On September 29, 2018 8:00 AM Public Lands day work project

First project: completed. Hog Canyon staging area at the kiosk. Worked with the BLM Kanab Field Office to do some signing and route cleanup on the Hog Canyon Trials on Saturday Morning. Thank you for Mike Reid, Mike Jaronske, Tim Croteau, and Bob Aiken for showing up and working on behalf of the ATV Club. Job well done.

Second project: October 20 Highway 89 cleanup. This is the other part of our Public Lands Day project which will be our Highway 89 clean-up. Thanks for all the help.


The ATV Club 4th annual Fall Colors ride, Oct. 2 to 5, 2018.

We enjoyed a great ride, had loads of fun, it was cold, it was muddy, it was not dusty. Click below to view the full ride report.
Link to Riders Report



KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting: October 18, 2018
Kane County Search and Rescue (SAR) meeting room, 2nd floor.
Kane County Airport.

6:30 Desert Social

Note: Desert sides volunteers are: Linda Wilson, Gail Dvorak, and Sandy Ridgway

Meeting begins: 7:00 PM





Upcoming Events

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