Road Trip Chapter

This is a heads up for two ATV Club overnight events. RESERVATIONS SHOULD BE MADE EARLY
Please RSVP if you are going as well.

First: on June 8th, Friday we are riding ATV's/UTV's to the Cannonville/Tropic area and will be staying overnight. We will meet at the Wingate Parking lot departing promptly at 7:30 AM to Trailer our OHV's to a staging area location to the East.
You must make your Motel Reservations early. I have made a reservation at the Grand Staircase Inn in Cannonville, for June 8, Friday and departing on June 9, Saturday. I called this motel directly at: 435 679 8400 reserved a room for $110.00 including tax. We will depart the next morning at 8:00 AM for our return.

Second: on June 11, 12, 13, we are doing a vehicle (Jeeps and 4X4 Trucks) road trip to Torrey, Utah staying one night on June 11, continuing on to Tickaboo for one night June 12, then to Escalante for one night on June 13.

Motel's I booked: (Other motels available in Torrey and Escalante)
Sunglow Motel, and restaurant, Torrey, UT 435 425-3821 June 11/12 price for room $50. + Tax. Other motels available. Reserved room no credit card needed.

Tickaboo Lodge, Tickaboo 844 662-2628, June 12/13 price for room $116.00 including tax. (This is the only motel so book early)

Escalante, Prospector Inn 435 826-4653, June 13/14 reserved room, no credit card needed.

Members from the ATV Club may sign up to be on the Vehicle Road Trip list. This group goes on various annual road trips to mutually agreed upon interesting sites as a group staying in motels and sharing the excitement of our explorations. We have previously visited Blanding, Utah, Canyon de Chelly, the Navajo and Hopi Reservations, Mesa Verdi, Chaco Canyon and many other Indian sites in the west. Future visits are planned for the San Rafael Swell, Nine Mile Canyon, Vernal, Utah, Dinosaur National Park, and Grand Junction, Colorado, to name a few. Plans of these events are emailed to this group as they are planned and developed.

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