2018 ATV Club Fun Run is planned for May 4 to 6, 2018 staging pending.

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Attention: ATV & OHV RIDERS -

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You don’t want to miss the 2018 Utah/Arizonaz ATV Club Fun Run and Trail Rides
May 4 to 6, 2018 in Kanab, UT.  Pending

Last years Fun Run was a great success, Thank you for attending, you do not want to miss 2018.


2017 Fun Run report.

June 4, 2017

The 2017 Utah/Arizona ATV Club Fun Run May 19 to 21, 2017 was a resounding success.

Thursday: Six months of planning, hours of volunteer efforts, with generous support from our community, resulted in the May 19 to 21, 2017 Fun Run. This was our 15th annual ATV Club Fun Run which turned out to be a huge success. The Fun Run and Rally took place right here in Kanab, UT for the first time. Thanks to more than forty to fifty volunteers, mostly ATV Club members, who came from the Kanab, Apple Valley, Panguitch, Utah and Fredonia, Arizona, including our Circle of Friends chapter who helped with the event set up and take down. This year’s Fun Run staging area was located at the old Kanab Football field and parking area. We were anticipating that this would be one of our largest OHV Rally’s. Volunteers assembled more than a dozen canopy’s, tables, chairs and all the other amenities for more than 200 attendees. Volunteers arrived and were busy on a cold and unusually blustery Thursday. Credit belongs to our former President Jim Aziz, who oversaw the setup of our staging area. We had decided to conduct our May ATV Club meeting right there in the staging area Thursday evening. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped set up for the meeting. One of our agenda items was to give our respects in remembrance of Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day to our military veterans. The ATV Club invited our local veterans to attend our May 18, meeting and enjoy a hamburger on us after the meeting. Even after a hard day of work; Jim and Mike Aziz grilled delicious hamburgers after the club meeting for our hungry members and guests. Despite the cold, we had a large attendance, of our members who were presented many important issues concerning the ATV Club.

On Friday
: The weather began to steadily improve and warm-up, as we shared our parking area with the gracious Greyhound Gathering people who were using the parking lot for one of their events at the gym building. We greeted those nice folks with offers of doughnuts and doggie treats for their hounds. Many of them shared their stories of their rescued Greyhound dogs.
Throughout the day we were welcoming OHV visitors arriving to pre-register and preparing for our Noon free ride. We found that many were coming in from seven western states and from all points in Utah. One young couple from Page, AZ came in via the Kaibab National Forest where they had gone to ride their brand-new side by side RZR. They said since they had been snowed out of the Kaibab. They had found information of our Fun Run event on the ATV Club Facebook page. Since all the RV Parks were sold out, we parked them above the football field. They later related how thrilled they were with the local riding opportunities and scenery of the Kanab area.
Friday at noon the ATV Club guided 41 OHV’s on a free ride up Hog Canyon going across our new 67-inch OHV bridge, (now widened to 72 Inches) to ride the Hog Canyon Trails on the designated City View OHV Loop. The ride was about 4 hours, and returned after the Greyhound folks were finished with their event.
Some of the OHV riders took some extra time to explore some of the Hog Canyon trails on their own. Most of these riders were out of the area attendee’s. They asked us for all the OHV Trail information we could provide. Many were referred to the ATV Club website which gives directions to the various OHV Staging areas that can be reached from Kanab. Many say they will be returning.

On Saturday
: The big day, volunteers began to arrive at 7:30 AM to get things ready. We had some of our local folks baking Dutch oven Cinnamon Rolls to everyone’s delight. The 30-mile OHV route had been signed and marked on Friday thanks to the leadership of Bob Aiken, with help from his crew of volunteers he was able to mark the trail so that everyone could find their way. At 9:00 AM we had over one hundred OHV’s lined up around the football field track waiting for the starters to release ten OHV’s at a time. The release of the OHV’s took over an hour. We have noticed that some of the newer and larger OHV’s can seat a family of four and there are some six seaters out there. The Fun Run began with briefings of the bridge width, and cautions of the more challenging areas of the Fun Run trail. Riders were full of anticipation of the looming climb of the infamous “Mosdell Hill,” the theme of this year’s event evidenced when looking at our Fun Run T-shirts, website homepage and Facebook page.
The T-shirts and hats turned out to be a huge success thanks to the efforts of Lorraine and John Scribner with the assistance of the Kane County Travel council.
The Saturday Fun Run event is a self-guided ride where riders are released in groups so that everyone is not bunched up. The ride itself was rated and posted “More Difficult” and for experienced OHV riders, as mentioned there were several challenging locations to be cautious with. The 30-mile route is marked, and should be easy to follow with signs and five manned stations where riders deposit their ticket stubs for the drawings. Riders could ask questions of our volunteers at any of the five stations if they had any concerns. At the two ‘more challenging’ ascents and descents on our Fun Run course, weeks earlier, the ATV Club had done trail improvements, however, this route remained difficult and technical. The ATV Club made sure all riders were warned to use caution here. There were volunteers at both ends of this hill directing the two-way traffic or give assistance if needed. Moreover, since there would be some two-way traffic in other locations of our course, riders were asked to be aware of oncoming traffic, and to moderate their speeds. Riders were advised not to take any of the side routes and stay on the marked trail. We did not want anyone to get lost. After all the riders had been released from the staging area; a team of our members, sweepers were following them as they cleared the trails of all markers and any trash.
Back at the staging area, upon the riders returning, t
here was some brisk business at the Happy Trails BBQ lunch wagon, and the Kona Ice wagon. Some others went out into Kanab to buy fast foods and drinks as they waited for all the riders to return. At around 3:00 PM and when everyone had returned the drawings started, first to entertain the youngsters who could win flashlights, kids clothing including many other items such as day packs. When the regular drawings began different colored tickets from each station were drawn, to give away prizes worth thousands on a long list of OHV related items from tie downs, winches, to gas containers. Numerous gift certificates and cash awards including a four-hundred-dollar gift certificate, and dozens of other gifts were handed out. Drawing prizes included a generator, a Waterman’s Welding all-aluminum OHV storage box, hand tools, OHV winches, helmets and safety equipment. An OHV rider from Salt Lake City took home the grand prize raffle; a Kids RZR 170 for as he said; “to his excited grandchildren” ...just for a five-dollar investment. Another man won the Ruger 10-22 Take-Down rifle who was from Provo, Utah. A local family won the auction for the Hansen’s sandstone bench...hundreds of gift cards and more prizes went to the crowd! The visitors enjoyed delightful weather and complemented Kane County for the Hog Canyon trail system. They said it was so extensive they wanted to return to ride more of our local OHV Trails.
No complaints received, and everyone had a great time. More importantly there was no one injured or any accidents reported. Kanab put on a great show for our visitors and we are sure they will be coming back to enjoy what Kanab offers as an OHV destination.
One thing that happened at the staging area when suddenly and unexpectedly a dust devil hit several canopies at the end canopy area. The force of the wind uplifted two of our canopies into the vortex turned them over. In an instant, poles and tie down lines were flying around until they were either grabbed and secured and the wind diminished. Thankfully, no one was injured except for our hero Jim Aziz who had a cut on his hand. We must thank all of those who pitched in and helped to protect the women and children from flying debris, to clean-up and get the event going again.
The drawing was concluded early enough for our visitors to get back to their motels and RV’s to clean up and go to dinner. It ended up as a very successful day and event.
The club volunteers came together, and working together to dis-assemble the staging area, putting up and returning the equipment and physically cleaning the area used. It was left cleaner than we found it.

On Sunday:
The second scheduled free ride was scheduled to start and end at the staging area. The two rides, 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM, took 27 riders back to the Hog Canyon Trail system, back up the Mosdell Hill.. Once the riders had been up the Mosdell Hill at least once they are more relaxed and confident, now they can look around and enjoy the scenery. After the climb and upon reaching the top of the ridge one could look to the northwest and can see far to the distance the sandstone towers of Zion, looking north there is Cedar Mountain still topped with snow, following the view to the Northeast you see all the way to the Pink Cliffs of Bryce. It’s these incredible views that make riding these trails worthwhile. Then riders turning to look south, there is the flat expanse of Buckskin Mountain going into Kaibab plateau, above the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The views were endless in our clear warm sky’s down here in Southern Utah. This is an OHV rider and photographer’s landscape and offers a variety of many photos and views which change as the Sun moves across the sky.

The ride guides took the riders over to the Peek-A-Boo trail system, offering visits to 3 Bears, Red Pinnacles, Brown Canyon Hoodoo's, the Peek A Boo Slot Canyon, Crocodile, Hidden Lake and other points of interest. The ride was around 50 miles depending on some side trips. After a day’s ride and lunch the tired riders retraced their track back to the staging area. All were delighted with the photo opportunities and the overall rider experience. We know they’ll be back next year.

Conclusion: We are happy to say that there were no injuries reported or accidents over the days of preparation and the hundreds of OHV’s riding on these challenging trails over the three days of this event. During the Fun Run, the ATV Club hosted well over one hundred forty OHV’s and over two hundred fifty total drivers and riders attending this year’s Fun Run Ride events. We believe that more than seventy five percent of these riders were out of the area visitors.
Remembering Kanab’s motto: Magically Unspoiled. Our goal is making this area of Southern Utah a motorized OHV riders “go to” destination for great trails, and fewer people.
Go to this website for more Kane County and Kanab tourist information:

The Utah/Arizona ATV Club invites all OHV enthusiasts to come back to Kanab and explore our great OHV trail system. Please feel free to contact the Utah/Arizona ATV Club through our website for further information and assistance. www.utazatvclub.orgview the ATV Club Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/UTAZ-ATV-Club

For me it is easy to remember that all credit goes to those Utah/Arizona ATV Club members who were there and those who unselfishly gave their time to put on this event. To all those who helped the ATV Club thanks for your time and effort.

We also want to thank the Kane County Commission, Kanab City Council. The Kane County Office of Tourism, the Kane County Event and Volunteer Center, Western Legends, the Sheriff’s Office and the Search and Rescue, (SAR) unit for their help and support.
We are also thankful for the Kane County Travel Councils investment into the 2017 Fun Run. We are equally grateful to all the generous sponsors that gave us items to give away, cash donations, gift certificates and many other items. We will be now tasked with the responsibility of appropriately thanking them for their support. We will be listing those businesses who supported the ATV Club on our website and will ask our members to thank them by patronizing these specific businesses. Don’t hesitate to let them know you are with the ATV Club and thank them for their support.


 Download pre-registration form here: Bring form with you to register May, 2018