Ride Rules

  1. In accordance with Utah State Law, 41-22-37, “OHV operator responsibilities”. Each rider understands that by participating in any UT/AZ ATV Club event. They do so of their own accord. They are further responsible for any of my relatives, children and invited guests. The UT/AZ ATV Club, it’s Officers or Members serving in any capacity shall not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or personal property damage to the rider, family members or invited guests. It is there further responsibility that any and all family members, including minor children who are invited guests in the care of individual members operate OHV’s in accordance with Utah and Arizona state laws, or within the legal limits of the State in which we may be riding.
    The UT/AZ ATV Club, INC. Club Officers, volunteer trail boss or guides, is not responsible for the guided routes chosen and/or injury of drivers who choose to follow such route on their own volition, including any damage sustained to individual machines or personnel property.

  2. Drivers rules.
    Each driver takes full responsibility for the operation of his/her machine on ATV Club rides. Drivers are responsible to make sure that the following driver is aware of all turns. Stop and make sure that the following driver knows where you are going. (Look for a hand wave and respond likewise).  If the driver following you does not appear, stop and wait, eventually the entire group will stop. Do not follow too close and moderate your speeds and distances. Please keep pace with the driver ahead of you so as not to slow down the following drivers. If you are unsure of your ability ‘stop’ and ask for assistance. For larger groups, many guides will use the drop system. If you are not aware of how this procedure works, ask your guide.