Below you will find links (IN Blue) to submittals from the Utah/Arizona ATV Club, and our supportors in defense to our access to our public lands. We voiced our many concerns through facts and research. None of these letters were responded to in any way. You be the judge why.


Utah/Arizona ATV Club

PO Box 167

Kanab, Utah

 It all starts here.

February 23, 2021 ATV Club submitted a letter regarding the Trail Canyon the RMP 


May 2018 Mark Habbeshaw submitted his profound "Illegal Closing of the Paria River Road" report. Plus several other related documents. 

Link: To the "Illegal Closing of the Paria River" outline by Mark Habbeshaw, 15 pages.

1999 Paria BLM Sign

The GSENM Field Office denies this sign was there.