Below you will find links (IN Blue) to submittals from the Utah/Arizona ATV Club, and our supportors in defense to our access to our public lands. We voiced our many concerns through facts and research. None of these letters were responded to in any way. You be the judge why.


Utah/Arizona ATV Club

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Don Bagley shared this information with the ATV Club on November 28,2021
The information is being shared with the ATV Club membership for their information reference off highway recreation.

I just received this from DEL ALBRIGHT who used to be ahead of land used for off-road vehicles. I think it’s a very good read and I would like to see it posted on the CLUB! website so that the Club Membership can read it.

Over a period of 10 years with 4 Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) workshops with dozens of folks from all over the country, here is pretty much what every class said were the biggest issues facing our motorized sports.
By Del Albright

Access -- and how we are being pushed (concentrated) into smaller and smaller areas of public land by restrictions and closures. And how every time we turn around someone is trying to take more away from us.

Education -- which seems never ending because younger (newer) folks to the sport pop up every year and are not getting the same education as "older" users/folks.   Folks are not joining the big orgs. and clubs like they used to, so they don't get that exposure to experience -- that education.

Image -- and how a few bad apples get all the press and ruin it for the rest of us. Then again, we find folks within our own ranks who post pics damaging to what most of us stand for -- sometimes even illegal activities get self-posted then shared by everyone who does not like what we do to begin with.

Route Designation Process -- this was a heavy subject back then and affected everything. By not being involved with federal and state agencies when they are making their maps, our trails begin to slip away (gone). This reinforced the need to not be virtual but rather hands on with the local land managers.

Relationships -- and how with the trend towards not joining or going virtual has removed a key element of getting things done (in our favor), relationships with land managers and politicians.

Ideology -- the whole motorsports community is evolving and it's not the same old crowd anymore. Environmental awareness has changed and many motorheads are moving towards "green" motorsports.

Apathy -- and how there is more of it than not these days! So many folks have given up on fighting the good fight and just don't care -- they just want to go play.

Impact on the environment -- and how no matter our technology, we are still an obvious change to the landscape -- tracks, camps, noise, air pollution, dust, etc.

Funding -- organizations and clubs struggle constantly to pay the bills, let alone fight giant legal battles.

How would you rank (or add to) this list of issues?

Utah/Arizona ATV Club


 It all starts here.

February 23, 2021 ATV Club submitted a letter regarding the Trail Canyon the RMP 


May 2018 Mark Habbeshaw submitted his profound "Illegal Closing of the Paria River Road" report. Plus several other related documents. 

Link: To the "Illegal Closing of the Paria River" outline by Mark Habbeshaw, 15 pages.

1999 Paria BLM Sign

The GSENM Field Office denies this sign was there.