October 5 to 9, 2020 : Falls Color Ride, Mt. Pleasant event report:

2020 Utah/Arizona ATV Club Fall Colors Ride
Mount Pleasant, Utah

Great warm weather welcomed everyone as we gathered together on Monday October 5 at the Horseshoe Mountain motel for an afternoon meet and greet of all of the attendees to this 8th Annual Fall Colors ride.
We were welcomed by John and Sherene McClellan residents of Mt. Pleasant and ATV Club members. There were 36 folks in attendance driving 18 machines. Six of the couples were staying at various RV Parks with the remaining staying at the motel which offered ample accommodations. There were the regular faithful Fall Colors ride attendees, with some new welcomed faces from several other states.
Everyone introduced one another, and we had decisions to make regarding the rides. Eventually the decision was made that we do a group ride on Tuesday, October 6, to Maple Canyon taking us across Sanpete Valley. The guide would be Dave Borup, who had also written a history narrative of the areas to be visited. It was then decided that the next two rides would be to the Skyline Dr. and the rides would be split into two groups. Wednesday, one group led by Mike Green would do a ride to the south on the Skyline Dr. and Mike Reid would lead the other group to the north. In splitting the riding groups, it would provide better management of the riders and use of the drop system. Dusty conditions were to be expected as the area had not had any rain for weeks.

October 6, Tuesday, Maple Canyon Ride.
Everyone, including 18 machines, 15 side by sides and 3 ATV’s were ready for departure at 9:00 AM. With Dave Borup leading we were greeted with fine weather as we drove through the historic small towns and open farming and ranch lands of Sanpete Valley to reach Maple Canyon. The group was impressive as we proceeded into Maple Canyon and the rich red fall colors of the Maple Trees contrasting with Aspens and Oaks. Rock Columns added to the stunning scenery. Climbing in altitude to cross the high ridge we proceeded, the only detriment was the haze caused by fires coming in from western states. Now descending through the colorful aspen groves back to the valley and to the Fountain Green Fish Hatchery where Dave had arranged a tour. Remarkably interesting to see the workers pumping nice sized trout into a truck which will take the fish to be planted into a Utah Lake. On we go to Fountain Green city park where we stop for our lunch under a pavilion.
After our lunch it is back across Sanpete valley to Mt. Pleasant, a fine ride and very entertaining day thanks to Dave and Barb Borup.

October 7, 2020 Wednesday Rides on the Arapeen Trails, and Skyline Drive.
With our group split, some lined up behind Mike Green going south and the others behind Mike Reid going north on Skyline Drive.
Generally, riding the Apareen trails was great, dusty due to conditions however it was getting much clearer of haze and with some light winds the dust conditions was manageable. Again, the colors were spectacular, and our timing was right on. The weather was unusually mild, the rides were a little longer. There were no major complaints that I knew of and everyone got the rides and touring as expected.

Thursday, October 8, 2020 Rides on the Arapeen Trails, and Skyline Drive.
Today the groups reversed and were taken up a different canyon route to the top of the mountains. Another beautiful day, the south ride being a little longer but very much enjoyable.

Our group photo: 

KC Colors 10

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