Ride Itinerary         (Please copy, for reference)

Utah/Arizona ATV CLUB: ATV/UTV “Fall Color’s” Ride) as of 9-3-18
Tuesday Oct. 2 to Friday Oct. 5, 2018.

Note: This has been updated with approximate mileages, and where we can get gas. All distances are estimates. Day two has not been pre-ridden, as has some other routes. Input is appreciated. Some areas have been scouted prior to departure. This is a fun event, and we want everyone to have a great time.

We are riding OHV’s to and from each destination, no trucks or jeeps.

This ride is all about having a good time with lots of comradery and photos. We will be taking group photos each morning and stopping often for photo opportunities. We may be using the drop off system, (at the major turns and gates to be closed) to make sure everyone knows where to turn or close gates. Otherwise, we will travel fast across good routes. Remember the rider’s rules, if you follow the rules, no one gets lost. (You are responsible for the person behind you, remember that). Also, remember breakdowns are the responsibility of each rider.

(This is a four-day three-night ATV/UTV ride staying in motels). Make reservations early.

Regarding the Fall Colors ride we will Stage at Bryce Canyon City. (See day one below).

Right now, I am guessing that there are 5 50-inch machines, the remaining machines I think are over 50-inch widths. We are routing to accommodate the wider machines. Our intent is to stay together as a group.
No one is guaranteeing that non-street legal machines are okay, however, most Utah small towns and local State Routes are usually okay for them. We should not be on pavement, overall, more than 15 to 20 miles, (Except in towns).

Fall Colors Ride Rules:

  1. Please advise the ride guides if there are any medical issues that we should be aware of. The ATV Club does have two emergency medical kits, and two emergency GPS Spot locators.
  2. If a machine breaks down every rider should have a back-up plan for someone to come and trailer you back to your vehicles. We will make sure that no one is abandoned and gets to town to get help.
  3. Everyone is expected to be ready at the time and place where we gather for the next day’s ride at the designated departure time. Finished with breakfast, gassed up and ready to depart.
  4. Make sure you are aware of the riders’ rules which is at the end of this document.
  5. Every driver must agree to the disclosure statement of responsibility and sign it.
  6. Each unit is responsible for making your motel reservations. Please keep in mind and ask about cancellations of reservations policies. The weather will be a big factor on this ride. If there should be a winter storm warning issued it will be the guides decision to cancel the ride or alter the ride routes as needed for the safety of the group. Watch the weather reports closely.
  7. Remember to dress warm to dress down. It is normal to be departing with frost on your machines and in below freezing temperatures. Heavy duty winter clothing is recommended and rain suits. Make sure you have your tool and tire-repair kits available.
  8. Pack your own lunches. There will be subways in Salina and Panguitch.
  9. We will take frequent travel breaks, for 10 minutes, when the guide starts the engine, it is time to get ready to roll. We will take a group photo each morning, so be early so you are not left out of the photo.

Itinerary prepared dated: September 3, 2018

Day One: Reference Maps used: Dixie National Forest, Escalante Ranger District (2011) and Dixie National Forest Escalante & Fremont River Ranger Districts (2013). Place names reference: Utah Place Names by John W. Van Cott, 1997.

Day One, Bryce Canyon City to Bicknell
Oct. 2, (Tuesday): Meeting at 7:30 AM at the Hog Canyon Staging area off US Highway 89 north of Kanab.

We will be assembling as a group at this location; introducing ourselves. Having a brief meeting about our ride and discuss our plans for the ride. Answering any questions and asking about any medical conditions of our riders that should be known. Departing at 8:00 AM sharp. Everyone will be responsible for having their breakfast beforehand. We will be trailering our outfits north on US 89 60 miles to the turn off on Utah SR 12, to Bryce Canyon, after about 4 miles on SR 12 we will stop at the Red Canyon visitors center for a bathroom break (10 Minutes) and to make sure everyone is there. Then continuing about 12 miles further to the Bryce Shuttle Parking area across from Ruby’s Inn. We will be parking, unloading then leaving from Bryce Canyon City. We will meet Phil Bostrom and Keith Walton at the parking location. Let’s introduce each other, ask pertinent questions and get going ASAP.
The entire group will be together and will briefly go over the rules and answer questions. Parking our outfits at the Bryce NP shuttle parking lot where we believe our vehicles should be safe. Bain Swapp has gotten permission for our group to park there.
(Bryce Canyon was named for Ebenezer Bryce who homesteaded the area in 1875. It was made a National Park in 1928 by President Hoover.Van Cott, P.52).

The drive from Kanab to Bryce City should take about an hour and a half, with another half hour to get the machines ready to go and name two groups, to be assembled when necessary. We are hoping to leave by 10:00 AM as this gives us about 9 hours to reach Bicknell before sunset.

Departing from the Shuttle parking lot we go up the Bryce Canyon Parkway to the intersection with SR 12. There we will be riding up SR22 for about 5 miles of pavement on the Johns Valley road to Dixie FS route 419 then to FS 1480. (Time permitting, we have an opportunity to visit the Henderson Point overlook as a side trip, on FS 418, 2 miles round trip).
Now on the Great Western Trail (GWT) we continue. Just below Dripping Vat Spring we now travel on FS 555 the Cameron OHV Trail still on the GWT. The route to Pine Lake via FS 414 was scouted on August 14, some wash outs but open. We will then take FS 282 the route below Pine Lake, (after a pit toilet bathroom break), to the main route FS 132, remember to look to the east for views of Powell Point and Barney Top far above.
(Note; Powell Point which is on the south edge of the Table Cliff Plateau of Escalante Mountain. It was named for Major Powell by Almond Thompson in 1872. This strikingly beautiful view and its location is a land mark for hundreds of miles and is located in Kane County, Utah. Van Cott, P.303). We will be climbing along Clay Pine Creek to more than 10,000 feet in altitude. Passing the turn-off to the Powell Point Trailhead route we’ll take a break at the ridge at the top which will provide views to the east of the Kaiparowits Plateau, and the far-off Henry Mtn.’s and Escalante town.
We will now be riding over Barney Top, (north of Powell Point)
Note: (Barney top was named after sheep herder Joseph Barney and was once called Flat Top. Van Cott, P.22). Across the top and past the communications sites we continue, another brief stop before crossing the exciting slate cut track and off Barney Top then dropping down the rocky track to the Escalante Summit. Now crossing over FS 17 (Escalante Canyon/Main Canyon) road onto FS 140 then climbing up towards Griffin Top. Note: (Named for pioneer Sheep man Charles Griffin. Van Cott P.168).
You will enjoy the spectacular views both East and West to Mt. Dutton and beyond. While riding across Griffin Top which is a flat-top plateau all above 10,000 feet. Expect to see Elk and Deer in much of the high country. You will be having endless views as we climb to the top traveling across this route; hopefully we will have some views of the fall colors.
A note of warning we will travel between 20 to 35 MPH but use caution for there are logging trucks using this same route sometimes.Around noon we’ll be looking for a protected lunch area; your lunch will be limited to 30 minutes.
At the Junction of FS 154 we turn north and go onto the Aquarius Plateau,
Note: (The Aquarius Plateau is about 35-miles long, 15 miles wide and was named in the mid-1870’s by A.H. Thompson of the Powell Surveys. According to many it is the grandest of Plateaus. Dellenbaugh said: “the slopes we were crossing were full of leaping torrents of clear lakes”, Capt. Dutton said: “the vast grandeur of this vast primitive wilderness, clad with dense forest and grassy parks with scores of many lakes filled with snow melt” Van Cott, P.11).

If time permitts we take a side route through Dark Valley on FS 285, which becomes FS 178 before passing the Aquarius Guard Station, then takes us back onto the main route, FS 154. Dropping off the open high altitude plain we will be heading for a route which takes you directly into Bicknell, UT for the first night. (Remember it is the second major right turn, the first right turn takes you through Bicknell bottoms and requires traveling the highway).

There are two motels in Bicknell, the Aquarius Inn and Sunglow Motel and another motel being remodeled but not opened as of this writing. The Sunglow motel has a restaurant attached. The first thing upon arrival; after check-in; is to gas up your machines and service them as needed. Because of numbers, everyone is on their own to make dinner arrangements at each of our nightly stayovers. The only place to go in Bicknell is the Sunglow restaurant famous for it’s Pickle or Pinto bean Pies. The food has been good there on prior visits.
Note: (The story of Bicknell: In 1916 Bicknell was once known as Thurber, named for a LDS founder. Thomas Bicknell of New England made an offer to communities in Southern Utah; that that town which would change their name to Bicknell, would get his extensive library. Thurber and the town now know as Blanding were in keen competition for that library. Bicknell agreed to change its name and Blanding became known as such being named after Bicknell’s wife, who’s maiden name was Blanding. Both communities split the library. Van Cott P.31).


Aquarius Inn with the Stag Restaurant next door, closed.
292 West Main Street, Bicknell, UT. Phone 800 833-5379, 435 425-3835
Email: reservations@aquariusinn.com Website: www.aquariusinn.com

Sunglow Motel and Restaurant, Address: 91 East Main Street Bicknell, UT

Phone Number:435-425-3821, Email Address: info@sunglowmotel.com


Day Two reference maps: National Geographic, Fish Lake Manti, Map 707, Fish Lake NF Richfield and Fremont River Ranger District (2013) and Fish Lake, Beaver and Fillmore Ranger Districts. (2013)

Day Two, Bicknell to Salina
Oct. 3, (Wednesday): Departing at 8:00 AM from the Aquarius Inn parking lot. Eat breakfast and be ready to leave at that time.

Departing at 8:00 AM Sharp from the parking lot in front of the Aquarius Inn, we will have to navigate the paved highway to Lyman. Driving in two groups on SR 24 for 4 miles. Both groups assembling together in Lyman at the curve in town to find the gravel and dirt routes to Fremont, about 5 miles.
North of Fremont, we again split into two groups continuing on the paved SR 72 approximately 4.5 miles, entering the Fish Lake NF to ride the Thousand Lake Mountain and Gooseberry Trails.
Note: (The Thousand Lake Mountain was named in error by the early surveyors. They probable meant to give that name for Boulder Mtn., since there are no lakes on Thousand Lake Mtn. VanCott, P.369).
Upon reaching FS route 206 make a right turn and count units. We then travel 3 miles to Riley Springs; just past Riley Springs turn north on FS 212 traveling 5 miles and are again on the Great Western Trail; to the west is Geyser Peak at 10,596 Feet. Upon reaching SR 72, again, we must get back onto the pavement of SR 72 for 2.5 miles to Hogan Pass and look for the first left turn. There we travel on FS 1561 going into Wide Hollow, crossing Last Chance Creek to FS 015 making a left turn. It is here we pick up Gooseberry Trail Route 19 (FS 141), traveling through Red Creek Hole, and along Gooseberry Creek. Reaching FS 221 at one mile we turn onto Gooseberry Trail 17 (FS013) passing through Meadow Creek Divide. Traveling along Gooseberry 17, (FS 013) about 2 miles we reach Gooseberry route 9 which travels along I-70. Continuing to the west we travel about 12 miles and reach Bear Gulch.

Two options:
#1 Continue along I-70 for 13 miles to Salina.
#2 Take Gooseberry #3 (FS004), time permitting, 11 miles to Anthony Flat. Thence turning west on Gooseberry #1, (FS001) the Willow Creek Road, which gets better the closer you get to Salina, traveling 13 miles to Salina for our second night.

We have obtained mapping of this area and are routing our course, however, it has not been pre-ridden, so it will be navigating to take into consideration, so expect some stops to consult mapping. The runs on pavement is due to the many over width units that would not be allowed on the 50-inch trails. Upon reaching Salina we will be traveling through residential areas on pavement. Stay close and together. The ride leader will stop often making sure we stay together.

In Salina once checked in, remember to gas up. There are numerous options for dinner. There is a Sinclair station nearby which sells non-ethanol gas.
Note:(Salina is Spanish for salt seep or deposits. Van Cott P. 326)

Motel 8 by Wyndham,
375 East 1620 South Salina, UT
Telephone: (800) 536-9326, Website: wyndhamhotels.com/super-8

Econo Lodge 1225 S. State St. (US 89) Salina, UT
Telephone 435 529-7455, Email: utah1225@gmail.com

Rodeway Inn, 1400 S State St. Salina, UT

Telephone, 435 529-1300 website: rodewayinn.choicehotels.com

These three Motels are on US 89 near I-70. There are several gas stations and places to eat nearby, a Denny’s across the street. Again, gas up and be ready to depart early next morning at 8:00 AM Sharp.


Day Three Reference Maps: National Geographic, Map 708, Paiute ATV Trail, Fish Lake NF/BLM.

Day Three, Salina to Panguitch. (The long ride)
Oct. 4, (Thursday)
: Departing at 8:00 AM sharp, eat your breakfast and be lined up for Photo and departure, we have a long way to go today. We will rally in front of the Motel 8 in the large parking area.

From Salina, ride pavement to the Paiute Trail S/B to go under I-70 then to Paiute Trail 01, (FS037) 6.6 Mi. down Soldier Canyon. At (FS 050) staying on the Paiute Trail to Rex Reservoir 3.4 Mi. At Rex Reservoir the Paiute Trail now is (FS 053) traveling 8.5 miles across Coonah Bence to Crowley Draw and exit the Fish Lake NF. Now traveling S/B across the Plateau Valley we cross below Koosharem Reservoir continuing to Burrville, 14 miles. At Burrville still on the Paiute Trail we continue south on the Grass Valley road, to Browns Lane and into Koosharam, 5 miles, we’ll stop for gas if necessary. The Grass Valley Merc, (435 638-7304) which has two gas pumps.
Note: (Koosharem, founded in 1877 named from Indian word for ‘Red Clover tuber’ eaten by the Indians found in that area. Van Cott P.216).

From Koosharem we’ll begin climbing on the Paiute Trail but stay on the dirt road as we ascend to Milo’s Kitchen, (Restrooms) where we pick up the Paiute trail again at 6 miles. Now we look for FS 068 staying on the Paiute Trail #1, however, we will stay on FS 068 when the Paiute Trail turns west at 6.8 miles. We travel on FS 068 or Paiute #86 past upper Box Creek Reservoir staying on FS 068 going down Six Pack Draw and getting back onto Paiute Trail #1 still FS 068 at 5.0 miles. Now S/B on Paiute #1 and the Eastern Plateau, traveling under Langdon Mtn. (10,032’), Rock Canyon, Forshea Mtn. and Twin Peak, we begin our descent down to Kingston Canyon. Crossing SR 62 (Rest room toilets) for a break. Continuing crossing the narrow Otter Creek OHV bridge (there is a bypass) we begin our climb up the rocky 60“ Paiute Trail to Circleville total miles from getting back on the Paiute trail 34.3 miles. We can stop for gas which is available in town at Stan’s Merc & RV Park (435 577-2888). From Circleville, we go onto the Fremont Trail, entering the Dixie NF, and climbing through the Cove, on FS 129. Crossing the summit, (or Jack Randolph Pass)

We go down Smith Canyon under Bulrush peak, 18 miles to Panguitch north bench. We are now at 99 miles traveled. It is 10 miles to Panguitch across the north bench to Panguitch.
Remember after check-in to gas up and check your machines.

Note: (Panguitch, first settled in 1866 and re-settled after Indian trouble and known as Fairview. Later named Panguitch, a Piute word meaning water and fish. Von Cott P.286).

Panguitch can get cold. As the legend goes: in the early winter two Eskimos wanted to go to Arizona for a warm winter, they got as far as Panguitch where they camped out overnight and they froze to death…..


Panguitch, there are 11 to choose from. Many restaurants to choose from as well.



Day Four Reference Maps: Dixie NF Powell Ranger District (2010)

Oct. 5, Panguitch to Bryce Canyon City
Day four (Friday)
: Departing at 8:30 AM sharp, Rally and line up on the north side of the Flying M Restaurant. Be gassed up and ready to depart.

Departing at 8:30 AM, from the Flying M restaurant we go back on the north Panguitch Bench, along the pastures and find the Fremont Trail to ride around the Panguitch airport back into the Dixie NF and up Limekiln Canyon FS 202, there are many Bristlecone Pines along this route to observe. Reaching the top, we go onto FS 121 along the scenic route below the large rock spires above Casto Bowl. Taking FS 116 up through the Casto Bowl. Options: #1 (This a loop touring trails around Hunt Creek and a longer way back to Bryce). To FS 183, to West Hunt Creek, FS 122 to FS 191 we take in the strange Hodoo’s of this area which was burned in the 2007 fire. Now taking FS 1091 to FS 190 East Hunt Creek we descend to the Tom Best road, FS 117. Then to Bryce as described below.
Option #2 (The fastest way back to Bryce) To Tom Best road FS 117 turning south and fast track to FS 1084 or 1162, to FS 293 then FS 3654, (watch for Antelope in this area). Continuing onto FS298 we pass the Bryce Canyon Airport getting to the Bryce Intersection and riding proudly into Bryce City and Ruby’s to our vehicles.

I hope you have a great time, let me know about your ride and share your best photos please. We are happy to hear what we did right and what we did wrong.
We are thinking about a fall colors ride on the North Kaibab next year. We have some great rides scouted.

Sam Smith, Outgoing President of the UT/AZ ATV Club
6250 Antelope Trail
Kanab, UT 84741
Home: 435 644-8236
Cell: 435 899-1525
Email: mailto:kanabsam@xpressweb.com

We need Cell Phone numbers and emergency notification information from all drivers along with a signed waiver.


As always weather is closely watched during this time of year and becomes a determining factor for going on this ride. So, make sure you can cancel reservations if there is going to be a winter weather warning issued. We will be watching the weather closely for a winter storm warning issued and predictions of heavy snows closing routes in the high country. We will try to say this ride is a go, as determined by the Guides by Saturday September 29, 2018.

Questions email: utazatvclubrides@gmail.com

October 2 to 5, Fall Colors Ride RSVP List: and type of OHV as of 9-3-18

Registered riders: Please let me know of any changes.

  1. *Sam Smith, ATV – Yamaha Grizzly 750- Street legal
  2. *Jan Smith & Cheryl Ponkow, Rzr 1000 S 60”- Street legal, 
  3. *Tony Wright, Rzr, 60”- Street legal, 
  4. *Bain Swapp & Sue, Rzr 900, 50”- Street legal, 
  5. Ken & Vickie Kunhi, Kawasaki, Teryx4, 60”
  6. *Mark Kubeja, ATV, Polaris 800
  7. *Patty Kubeja, ATV, Yamaha Grizzly 
  8. *Jack Randolph, Polaris General 60”
  9. Betty and Ken Herlacher, Rzr 800 S 
  10. Mike & Winnie Reid, Rzr 60”, Street Legal
  11. Rob and Sage Roy, RZR 1000 XP
  12. John and Karla Steck, RZR 1000 XP           
  13. Phil Bostrom, Polaris Rzr 900 Trail 50" 
  14. Paul and Deb Siebols, Rzr 4 60”
  15. *Keith Walton, Polaris Ranger
  16. Frank Stubbs and friend from Provo: Riding Kymco 60" UTV
  • Completed emergency information release.

There remain several individuals attempting to get time off to join our group.

Riders rule: Each person is responsible to make sure that the following rider is aware of all turns. Do this by slowing or stopping (if necessary) making sure that the following rider knows where you are going. (Look for a hand wave and respond likewise). If the rider following you does not appear stop and wait, eventually the entire group will stop. Do not follow too close; remember to moderate your speeds and distances. Please keep pace with the rider ahead of you so as not to slow down the following riders. If you are unsure of your ability ‘stop’ and ask for assistance. The average ride touring speed is 15 to 20 MPH, the average good road speed is 25 to 35 MPH.
If we elect to do the drop system, the person following the ride leader will be directed to stop at any major turn, or gate to be closed and wait for the other riders to pass. Then get back at the end of the line in front of the Drag Rider. This system is very workable. Otherwise the above rule applies.

KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting: June 20, 2019

June 20, Club Meeting: 6:00 PM. Rancho’s City Park. Please note that at 6:00 PM Hamburgers and pot luck sides to be served prior to the meeting.
The Club has decided to eat first then conduct the meeting afterwards. So be there by 6:00 PM when the burgers go on. Don’t forget to buy split the pot raffle tickets. This is how we pay for our Hamburgers and condiments.


Meet the ATV Club's officers for 2019 and 2020.

President: Tony Wright.
Vice-President: Ray Wells.
2nd Vice-President: Linda Wilson.
Treasurer: Betty Herlacher.
Secretary: Patty Kubeja.

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