Opinion editorial of the ATV Club 3-15-18

Reference the upcoming March 28, 2018 scoping meetings ref: the resizing of the Grand Staircase NM, here are what the other side thinks.

The Grand Staircase Partners. Talking points, just more fake news in their own way.

Therefore, this group cannot be considered objective and open minded. As the large environmental groups which funnel big bucks to this organization dictate their agenda. Remember them and their narrow-minded views.

Here are their views:

  • We maintain that these proclamations are unlawful revocations of the existing monuments and will be overturned in a court of law. The president only has the authority to create a national monument under the Antiquities Act. Only Congress can revoke or reduce a national monument.
    Rebuttal: Then why don’t they support that only Congress could designate Monuments, Wilderness Study areas (WSA), National Conservation areas, etc.?
  • The illegal proclamations issued by President Trump are already being challenged in court and the BLM’s rush to act is irresponsible.
    Rebuttal: It is an unrefutably truth that environmentalist use the legal system to thwart public supported policy to their own advantage.
  • The BLM should abstain from planning efforts under the new proclamations for the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments until the legitimacy of these proclamations are fully settled by the courts.
    Rebuttal: Seeking delay is an environmentalist tool to delay, funny they do not seek or care about the legitimacy of creating WSA’s.
  • If the BLM moves forward with these planning processes at this time, it will likely be a colossal waste of time and money for an already strapped agency as these new proclamations are expected to be overturned by the courts. The BLM should spend its money on protecting these monuments and the natural and cultural resources within them for current and future American generations.
    Rebuttal: As long as they are the ones who are dictating policy and the RMP’s per their closed to all but their special and unilateral agendas. That is their idea of protection at our peril.
  • Any actions proposed within the original and valid boundaries of the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments should only substantially advance the proper care and management of the objects of interest as set forth in Proclamation 6920 (Sept. 18, 1996) creating the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Proclamation 9558 (Dec. 28, 2016) creating the Bears Ears National Monument.
    Rebuttal: Why don’t we review these proclamations for their legitimacy first, and why are they more legitimate than President Trump’s proclamation?

Specific to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (in addition to the “Overarching Key Points” above):

  • The BLM should put forth alternatives in its plan that protects the resources of the original monument as set forth in Proclamation 6920 (Sept. 18, 1996). This will ensure that the monument management plan covers both the areas in the original proclamation as well as the reduced areas.
    Rebuttal: What if the original proclamation was illegal in the first place, and now you want it both ways by conceding the reduction?
  • The BLM should look to the management provided in the current monument management plan for protection of important and sensitive resources in both the original proclamation and reduced areas, including cultural, natural/ecological, paleontological, geological resources as well as Tribal sacred lands and resources as described in Proclamation 6920 (Sept. 18, 1996).
    Rebuttal: The original Grand Staircase NM included many areas with no sensitive resources including natural/ecological, paleontological, geological sensitive areas as evidenced by Secretary Zinke’s on site review.
  • The public comment period should extend to at least ninety days following the last public hearing.
    Rebuttal: You would think the partners want to extend this comment period because they use it for fund raising. It is ironic that you never see these so-called conservationists on the monument doing any public service project that benefit our community. Note: The BLM acquiesced to this demand and extend the comment period to Nov. 30, 2018. You think they would have done that for the ATV Club?
  • Public hearings should be scheduled in Salt Lake City, Utah, Flagstaff, Arizona, Denver, Colorado, Washington D.C. and Albuquerque, New Mexico, in addition to the gateway communities of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
    Rebuttal: More delay tactics and fund-raising opportunities for the partners.

Bottom line here, don’t believe the scientific spiel, it is all about big money; Eco-Tourism, unilateral control of our public lands and keeping you, the local public, and the ranchers out. They class us middle class Americans as the essence of the definition of “Deplorables” as their losing heroine aptly stated in 2016.

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