Utah/Arizona ATV Club
Kanab, Utah 84741

Date April 16, 2018
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area ORV Plan/DEIS P.O.
Box 1507 Page,
AZ. 86040-1507

This Letter of Response to the recent GCNRA ORV Plan/DEIS public comments and is submitted by the Utah/Arizona ATV Club of Kanab, Utah on behalf of the collective members authorizing this letter in accordance with the Clubs bylaws and voting procedures. The UT/AZ ATV Club has established a local reputation of completing various projects in partnerships with the BLM Kanab Field Office, the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Kane County and Kanab City (including funding) for the promotion of responsible motorized recreational use on public lands via ATVs (UTV’s) and contributing to the establishment of the economic benefits that this recreation brings to our local area. This letter is intended only as a reference to indicate prior activities and promote discussion points at or for future decisions to be made by the GCNRA as a potential partnership user group in establishing mitigation and educational activities as indicated in the GCNRA mechanized recreational planning. The GCNRA ORV Plan/DEIS is presented as a limited scope planning document and as such does not, in our opinion, address the known needs to provide for the increasing public desire for motorized access within the GCNRA, To whit; To “drive for pleasure to see and recreate in outstanding scenery” is acknowledged by the USNFS (US National Forest Service) as the number one recreation use on the USNFS and the nation. (National Visitor Use Monitoring 2009). The GCNRA should also acknowledge this trend and develop a greater response to provide and manage increased motorized recreation within GCNRA for its outstanding scenery. In addition to the related recreational benefits derived from therein. The UT/AZ ATV Club disputes this limited OHV planning, as indicated, with the expectation that future proposals for motorized recreational opportunities should be accepted by the GCNRA and given due consideration within the earliest subsequent planning efforts. For the current planning, the UT/AZ ATV Club prefers, as the first choice ALT. C as it provides additional Street Legal ATV use on roads in the Orange Cliffs area of the GCNRA and therefore increases the quality of the Street Legal ATV rider’s recreational experience. Second choice is to be forced on many to acknowledge the Preferred ALT. E. The (OF COURSE), preferred; mixed-use Alt. E plan which addresses your original intent of the limited planning/scoping as to provide for so called “improved Management concerns”, and/or resource protection, and enhanced compliance with the mixed recreation mandates of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and thus enabling the out dated legislation. It also proports to validate the extensive and self-serving commendable efforts of the past and present GCNRA staff members to provide this high quality motorized recreation. However, in our opinion it lacks the equal footing as in other ongoing high-quality recreation opportunities in this area. Plain and simple. Moreover, we believe that these efforts are substantially affected by the misleading terms such as “Off road planning” and “Off road use” of motorized activity throughout the planning document. We are certain that these words become miss-definitions to the general public and thus puts an unfair burden on the motorized recreationalist and permittees to assert that their activity is not unlawful and their intent to responsibly recreate or conduct their businesses is not inherently damaging the resource. The “designated route” management concepts and practices have had a significant affect in managing resource concerns and supporting the protection of all of our public lands. The GCNRA surely has the expertise to elevate this potentially harmful misconception with a change of terminology to cause the public to recognize the intent and effect of the “designated route” management. Some would say that, however, this management RMP concept is conceived by an inherent antiquated methodology that has survived years of; unilateral environmentalist one sided over-reach decisions expressed by prejudiced one sided views of long standing internal management ideas from those within the GCNRA. We suggest that the GCNRA undertake a specific agency attempt to fully educate all other users of the “lawfulness” of GCNRA Off highway recreational rights and that Off highway vehicles operating in compliance with those lawful management directives have the same rights and privileges to enjoy their chosen recreation or permit as does any other lawful users enjoy. This education may also mitigate incidents of so called “user conflict”. The UT/AZ ATV Club Officers and members, as rightful due process; appetites appreciate the opportunity to engage in this OHV planning and wish to say thank you to all staff efforts and hard work in order to continue to provide ATV Off-highway access to this outstanding area. With this in mind, with your opined documentation, which again, appears unilateral, by some, and proposes plans where it seems that; another bias is apparent against the mechanize recreationist in favor of the non-mechanized recreationist. So Far, regardless of what is said, it is the motorized recreationist who will again bear the burden of paying for the costs of recreationists such as non-motorized users through the Federal Recreational Trails Program in which those non-motorized contribute nothing. Again, this is a prejudiced one-sided document, and in our opinion, an apparent RMP misguided perception from those who remain in the decreasing fading reamends of government service continuing and grasping the one sided and outdated environmentalist movement which had become so pervasive within the American Government services in the recent years. One must give allegiance to the fact and in doing so, therefore, acknowledge that President Trump was duly elected and remains President of the USA. If this is difficult, then please do honor your position and resign or retire.

Respectfully Yours;

Samuel R. Smith,
President Utah/Arizona ATV Club, and Officers of the Utah/Arizona ATV Club

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