Kanab, Utah 84741


Membership Application, Send to: UT/AZ ATV Club
PO Box 167
Kanab, UT 84741

*Name: ____________________________________________________________
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City: ____________________________State: __________ZIP:________________
Phone: _____________________________Mobile: _________________________
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*EMAIL ADDRESS: __________________________________________________

In accordance with Utah State Law, 41-22-37, “OHV operator responsibilities”. I understand that by participating in any UT/AZ ATV Club event, I do of my own accord. I am further responsible for damage or injuries caused by my actions and/or injuries so incurred to any of my relatives, children or invited guests. The UT/AZ ATV Club, it’s Officers or Members serving in any capacity shall not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or personal property damage to myself, my family members or my invited guests. It is my further responsibility that all family members, including minor children and invited guests in my care operate OHV’s in accordance with Utah state laws, or within the legal limits of the State in which we may be riding. I fully understand that I voluntarily participate in any guided rides or events and will notify those involved of any hazards or concerns that I may have prior to participation in any ATV Club event. (Signature required)

*Understand Signature_______________________________*Date:_____________

Club membership The annual dues of $25.00 are paid in January of each year of membership. The Membership fee includes those living within your home. Dues not paid by May of the following year will result in you being removed from the active membership list and the correspondence lists. ATV Club meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month except December. Meeting Times are at 7:00 PM in the winter months, and at 6:00 PM during the summer months when we do a cookout after our meetings. Monthly club rides are generally the Saturday after the Thursday meeting. ATV Club rides, campouts, and special events are posted on the ATV Club website and emails are sent to the membership.
I agree with the above checked disclosure and membership rules. (*Required)


Dues Paid: $25.00 YEAR: ________
Date paid: ___________Paid to: ______________________________How paid: ________

UT/AZ ATV Club form 4/20/18

KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting: October 18, 2018
Kane County Search and Rescue (SAR) meeting room, 2nd floor.
Kane County Airport.

6:30 Desert Social

Note: Desert sides volunteers are: Linda Wilson, Gail Dvorak, and Sandy Ridgway

Meeting begins: 7:00 PM





Upcoming Events

 Don't forget to complete your ATV Club questionaire and returned it by email or regular mail to the ATV Club. Your opinion as to the direction of the ATV Club in the future is important.