All Members,

At the Holiday Dinner meeting January 11, 2018, the ATV Club conducted an election in accordance with the ATV Club bylaws. The ATV Club nominating committee presented to the members present the following slate of officers for 2018.
President: Samuel Smith
Vice-President: Steve Hermansen
2nd Vice-President Lorraine Scribner
Treasurer: John Scribner
Secretary: Gail Dvorak
There were no other nominations and a motion to approve was made and seconded. The motion to elect was unanimously approved, these individuals were elected by acclamation.

The Holiday dinner and later the Bingo was a great success. Attended by the largest number of members to attend this annual event. We welcomed two new member couples: Paul and Deb Siebols and George and April Witzke and returning members Dave and Barb Borup. The dinner of Prime Rib was excellent, as was the brisk sale of raffle tickets for the Henry Golden Boy rifle to be raffled at this year’s Fun Run.

The ATV Club will be planning goals for 2018 and developing our ride and camp-out schedule plan for the year. More to come.

On behalf of the ATV Club officers we would like to thank our ATV Club membership for their support and confidence.

Samuel Smith, President
ATV Club Fun Run Meeting: February 14, 2018, 2:00 PM MST
Location: Pending

ATV Club Committee appointments: pending
ATV Club 2018 Rides, Camp-outs and special events: pending



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Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting:  February 15, 2018

6:30 Dessert Social served.

Meeting begins: 7:00 PM

: posted via email 2-13-18 

Location: Kanab Airport 6:30 PM

Kanab County Search and Rescue (SAR) Facility, 2nd Floor

The new ATV Club Bylaws are posted.




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