Upcoming Events:

For your information: below is the draft of the planned rides and events for the 2020 calender year. Remember this is a draft subject to change until the final draft is approved.

Due to COVID19 all UT/AZ ATV Club activities are on hold until further notice.

Thanks to all those who participated in the 4th of July Parade. From Helen Reese: 

Just a note to say thank you to the 13 club members who joined me in the 4th of July Parade. With children and grandchildren, we had 20 units. Everyone, did a wonderful job of decorating and we were awarded with a plaque for the “Best Civic Group.” Fun was had by all and the beads were well received as always. I also want to thank Sam for his write-up on the club for the announcer. 

July 16, Club Meeting: 6:00 PM, Hamburger Dinner, Meeting follows. Rancho’s City Park. Hamburgers, please bring your potluck sides to be served prior to the meeting. Please confirm attendance with an email to utazatvclubrides@gmail.com

July 18, ATV Club Saturday Ride: Meet at the Port of entry departing at 8:30AM, trailering outfits to SR 14 to a staging area on Cedar Mtn. Cedar Mtn. Loop to Aunt Sues for lunch. Guide: Mark Habbeshaw. Please confirm attendance with an email to utazatvclubrides@gmail.com

July 21 to 24, 2020 ATV Club Camp-out: Tuesday to Friday. This will be the Burr Trail camp. Meet at the Port of Entry, on US89 on Tuesday departing at 8:00AM. Riding the Wolverine Loop and exploring other areas of the Water Pocket Fold.  Sponsor Pending, Please confirm attendance to receive detailed information regarding camping locations. Please confirm attendance with an email to utazatvclubrides@gmail.com

AUGUST: 2020 All Pending

August 1, ATV Club Saturday Ride. departing at 7:30AM from the Veterinarians Parking area, old Stampin-Up 8-miles east of Kanab on US89.Trailering to Johnson Canyon corrals to stage, ride Kaibab loop Great Western Trail, Orderville Canyon to Jacob Lake for lunch returning via a different route.

August 11 to 13, ATV Club overnight two nights in Escalante. Trailing our outfits to Escalante staying in a Motel 2 nights and riding the Boulder Mtn. Trails, and exploring other new destinations

Departing at 7:00 AM, from the Port of Entry. Trailer our vehicles to Escalante staying for two nights.

Proposed rides:
Tuesday: afternoon, to the Hole in the Rock Road, to Harris Wash road to trailhead. Returning via Cedar Wash.

Wednesday: exploring Boulder Mountain all day.
Thursday: exploring the Hells Backbone road and return. 


Lodging in Escalante is available. For those making reservations make them early.
Please contact if you are interested in this adventure for further details. 

August 20, Club Meeting: 6:00 PM: Hamburger dinner, Meeting follows. Rancho’s City Park. Hamburgers please bring your potluck sides to be served prior to the meeting.

August 22, ATV Club Saturday Ride. Departing at 8:00AM (Utah Time) from the ShortStop market, in Fredonia, trailering to Pine Mtn. to stage. Ride the area above Silver Reef. Guide; Tri-State Member

 (Note: August 18 to 22, 2020 Bryce ATV/UTV Rally, Panguitch, UT).



September 5, ATV Club Saturday ride, departing the Port of Entry at 8:00AM. Trailer outfits to Mt Carmel and stage, ride Muddy Creek to the top of the Strawberry Cliffs and Strawberry Point for Lunch. Returning via a different route. Guide: Dave Little

September 17, Club Meeting: 6:00 PM and steak fry. Rancho’s City Park. Volunteers to grill Steaks needed, please bring your potluck sides to be served prior to the meeting. Set-up volunteers needed at 5:00 PM. 

Please RSVP attendance for your steak to be ordered.

September 19, ATV Club Saturday Ride. departing at 7:30AM from the Veterinarians Parking area, old Stampin-Up 8-miles east of Kanab on US89. We will trailer our outfits to the Cottonwood road, stage. Riding the North Clark Bench area in a super-ride. Over Brigham Plain, to Smokey Mtn. and return. More details pending. Guide: Tony Wright, confirm your attendance beforehand.

September 23 to 26, ATV Club Camp-out. Sandhills, Paria Plateau, Sponsor pending.

(Vermillion Cliffs NM). Various rides and sites to visit.

Camping location to be scouted and determined. More information pending. Confirm attendance beforehand.


October 3, ATV Club Saturday Ride, departing at 8:30AM from the Veterinarians Parking area, old Stampin-Up 8-miles east of Kanab on US89 Trailing our outfits to the east Buckskin ridge, down 5-mile mountain. Guide?

Oct. 5 to Oct. 9, 2020: ATV CLUB: ATV/UTV “Fall Color’s” Rides.
Monday to Friday. Apareen Trails. Staging in Mt. Pleasant four nights, All 3 rideswill stage from Mt. Pleasant. We will be riding the Apareen Trails and the Sky Line road with some of the most spectacular fall colors to be found in Utah.
Pre-registration required.

October 15, Club Meeting: and Dessert Social at 6:30 PM Meeting: at 7:00PM. Kanab Airport, Search and Rescue (SAR) building 2nd floor.  

October 17, ATV Club road cleanup and ride: Meet at 8:30 AM at the 8-Mile gap road east of Kanab for the road cleanup. 

After cleanup ride pending proposed Nephi Pasture, Deer Springs, Timber Mtn. and return. 

October 21, to 24, ATV Club camp-out. Meet at Veterinarians Parking area, old Stampin-Up 8-miles east of Kanab on US89. Location, campsite at Big Water or Corrals at Crosby Wash or Gravel Pit off Smokey Mtn. road. Sponsor: pending.

Rides to 1. Alstrom Point, 2. Kelly Grade, to Heads of Creeks Trail Loop, 3. Tibbet Spring, Grand Bench, Croton Canyon to Smokey Mtn. road down Kelly Grade.

 Details pending, subject to weather conditions. Please confirm attendance beforehand.

Oct. 16-19, North Lake Powell OHV Rally, Tickaboo


November 7, ATV Club Saturday Ride, departing at 8:30AM (Utah Time) from the ShortStop market in Fredonia. Trailering our outfits about 25 Miles of the Turoweap Road to stage, Ride the AZ Strip to Kanab/SB Point.

November 19, Club Meeting: and Dessert Social 6:30, meeting: at 7:00PM. Kanab Airport, Search and Rescue (SAR) building 2nd floor. 



Rides pending,

(No Club Meeting)

Note: Check to verify these rides are still scheduled. Emails sent out to members as reminders of upcoming rides and events.

Questions: Rides and events

1. What does the ATV Club Bylaws say about ATV Club rides?
The ATV Club Bylaws designate Club Rides for each third Saturday after the Club meeting. These monthly rides may be changed as determined by the Trail Boss. The Club recently voted to do another monthly ride on the first Saturday, when possible. There has been many added rides to pre-ride some of the Rally rides.
Complaints of the ride destinations and/or changes made or ride experiences, speed, trail conditions, et el., should be directed to the ATV Club.

2. Riders rules.
Each person is responsible to make sure that the following rider is aware of all turns. Stop and make sure that the following rider knows where you are going.
 (Look for a hand wave and respond likewise).  If the rider following you does not appear, stop and wait, eventually the entire group will stop. Do not follow too close and moderate your speeds and distances. Please keep pace with the rider ahead of you so as not to slow down the following riders. If you are unsure of your ability ‘stop’ and ask for assistance. For larger groups many guides will use the drop system. If you are not aware of how this procedure works ask the guide.

3. Does the ATV Club conduct Social Events?

Yes, because of member interest, Campouts, rides, Vehicle/ATV tours, parades, and the annual holiday dinner are scheduled in addition to the third Saturday of the month additional day rides may be scheduled. These events are approved by the membership and presented at Club meetings. Participation is optional, times are subject to change.

4. How does the Club make notifications of rides?

ATV Club rides, campouts and events are posted in a yearly schedule sent out via our up- dated, G-Mail notifications and also posted on the ATV Club website, look for reminders or updates on the ATV Club Rides G-Mail, email address list. Updated change notices posted one week before the event if possible if there is inclement weather or other factors that could cause an event cancellation. The event schedule will be posted on the ATV Club Website. 

5. Does my ATV need to be "street-legal" to participate in a club ride?

Many areas of our rides do not require ATVs to be street legal. However, the enforcement of related laws tends to be very inconsistent. Riders who choose not to license their ATV for use on public roads must recognize that participating in a club ride will be done at their own risk. The rider is solely responsible for any resulting citations. Please note that some trails may restrict OHV’s wider than 50 or 60 inches. Arizona now required OHV’s to have the Arizona OHV sticker ($30 per machine) if you are an out of state OHV. The Club and Trail Boss cannot be responsible if you choose to ride a wider OHV’s and are restricted from certain trails, it is your responsibility to know of these restrictions.

6. Does the ATV Club stage and convoy to the Campouts?

No, usually the Camp-out location is posted, and directions given to the members. It is important that you acknowledge your intention to participate in a Club Campout. There are other requirements such as furnishing firewood, control of pets, etc.

7. What are the themed social events all about?
Often at campouts there will be desert socials, or shared pot luck dinners arranged. Participation is optional.

Below is the link to Avenza Maps and the two PDF maps we asked about during our last meeting with the BLM. Mike Reid.

This information comes to you thanks to Mike Reid via President Tony Wright

Please see link below regarding the digital maps as discussed at our last meeting.


I have also attached .pdf digital versions of the hog canyon trail map and Kanab Field Office transportation map.
I am still working on getting you the 50 hard-copy maps of the Hog Canyon Trail system:)
Dan Gunn
Outdoor Recreation Planner
Bureau of Land Management, Kanab Field Office


KC Colors 10

Next Meeting


Next Meeting: Check for status of this meeting.

July meeting cancelled. 

Due to COVID19 all UT/AZ ATV Club activities are on hold until further notice.  

July 16, Club Meeting: Hamburger Dinner 6:00 PM, Meeting follows. Rancho’s City Park. Please note that at 6:00 PM Hamburgers go on the grill, please bring your potluck sides to be served prior to the meeting.

Don't forget to bring a pot-luck side dish, and buy split the pot raffle tickets. This is how we pay for our Hamburgers and condiments.



Members Input, upcoming rides


Attention all members;
Our wonderful, and lovely ATV Club Treasurer Betty Herlacher has some great ATV Club T-Shirts, Caps, Patches and bumper stickers for sale. Take a look at the PDF attachment showing the assortment of really nice items.  Hurry up and get your ATV Club memorabilia while supplies last.Please either call Betty at 909 238-5449 or send an email indicating your interest to this email address.