Upcoming Events: updated November 12, 2021

November 20, 2021 ATV Club Saturday ride: Ferry Swale, US 89 - east.
Meet at the old Stampin Up parking lot 8 miles east of Kanab just before the Johnson Canyon turn-off.
Leaving at 8:00AM trailering to the staging area which will be about a 55 mile drive. 
Bring lunch and water.
Ride Leader: Mark Habbeshaw  
At the October 21, 2021 ATV Club meeting. It was announced that the tenative plans for the 2022 Holiday Dinner is for Thursday, January 6, 2022 at the Iron Horse Restaurant.
The 2022 Red Rock Jamboree is also tentative scheduled for Wednesday, April 27 to Saturday April 30, 2022. Details of the event remain to be worked out and finalized.
November 18,2021 ATV Club Meeting
Kane County Search and Rescue meeting room
Kanab Airport 2nd story of metal building.
6:30 PM Deserts served
7:00 PM Meeting


2021 Fall Colors ride report:

2021 Fall Colors Ride Report
Salina, Utah
October 4, to October 8, 2021

Monday, October 4, 2021
5:00 PM arrivals at the Salina City park. Hamburger/Hot Dog get acquainted dinner with potluck side dishes. All enjoyed visiting and thanks to the Kuhni Family, we all enjoyed grilled burgers and hotdogs. Introductions of our 38 ride attendees. Great afternoon and early evening enjoyed by all. Great to visit with Vickie Kuhni who is recovering. We love and missed Vickie, who had to return to home!


Tuesday, October 5, 2021, 8:30 AM, 21 UTV’s and ATV’s, assembled across from Motel 8 for our first ride. Ride leader Mike Green.
Riding through Salina N/B into the foothills of the Manti-La Sal and Fishlake National Forest to the small town of Mayfield. Stopping to view the huge Elk Farm. Continuing on, our 21 Machines travel up Birch Creek (4-Mile) to Beaver Creek trail climbing to over 10,000 feet on the Arapeen Trail system. We are soon viewing the beautiful fall colors and mountain scenes. Many stops along the way for our riders to enjoy the camaraderie of our adventure. To Skyline Drive, the high mountain ridgeline route, the mountain scenes inviting many stops and picture opportunities as we moved towards Emerald Lake for lunch. Storms to the east brewing, we stop for lunch at this alpine lake for lunch. Departing, cutting our return as it begins to rain along with a strong east wind, it soon begins sleeting and a cold driving east chilling wind. One machine suffered a flat tire up on the top of the ridge, several stayed rallying around the vehicle, thanks to some hardy men braving the cold as they changed the tire while the remaining group patiently waited in an Aspen Grove staying out of the wind. We were soon on our way with no complaints. As we begin our descent, conditions improved but still had to negotiate some muddy stretches of the trail. Down off the Mountain we actually experienced dryer roads and a little dust again. Back to town with many stopping at the convenient car wash in town. Everyone had a marvelous time and adventure and looked forward for the next day. Many thanks to Mike Green for leading us on a great ride despite the weather.
Everyone was on their own for the evening.

Photos: 10-5-21, Day One: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhPa_TWN4BAiuyETXE5fohq9KiPu?e=t1Jwcg


Wednesday October 6, 2021, 8:30 AM UTV’s and ATV’s assembled across from Motel 8 for our day two ride. Ride leader Sam Smith.
Riding out of Salina via the old highway then under I-70 and onto Paiute 01 trail. Up Soldier Canyon it was the beginning of a beautiful day, with yesterday’s rains there was no dust as we climb through the stunning Oaks to Rex Reservoir for our first break. Continuing we reach Fishlike FS 056 which had been recently graded, dry but no dust. Climbing Cedric’s Dugway (Lost Creek) into the Aspen colors which were brilliant due to the sunshine through the trees. Some of the Aspen groves had golden paved roadway with the falling Aspen leaves. Along the dugway the views continued until reaching the top of the ridge, with views to the east and Mt. Terrell at 11,500 feet. We stop for a needed break again visiting and commenting on our experiences so far. Some saw a hunter in a high tent camp preparing a huge Mule Deer buck. Continuing across the mountain meadows and parks with impressive groves of Fir and Aspen tree groves. Having to go down the roadway along the side of the Johnson Valley Reservoir to pickup our trail to the Black Flat staging area. We stopped for our lunch at this location. We have a great lunch break visiting with newfound friends and partners. Now traveling on the Gooseberry Trails continue to Gooseberry #19 for a descent off the mountain. This steep and washed out dugway took careful negotiation which everyone did a great job. After another break we continue to a short cut up and down some steep hills to go over to reach the I-70 gravel frontage road. This frontage road runs along I-70 which goes under the interstate through a number of small tunnels full of mud swallow nests. The route wanders through and down Salina Canyon. The route goes around obstacles with views of Rattlesnake Point, Bear Gulch with various other views with canyon scenes. At one point there were a couple watching a big Bull Elk watching over his harem of Cow Elk. Finally, through two tunnels blasted through rock, our road which is believed to be once a narrow gage railroad grade from a mine in Salina Canyon. We were soon back under I-70 and back to Salina. It was impressive how our riders knew where to drop to ensure everyone found their way. Another beautiful day and scenic ride. The weather was perfect, we did around 90 miles on this ride. 

Photos 10-6-21, Day Two: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhPa_TWN4BAiuyISK0JDzzD9UPhS?e=rt6fro


Thursday October 7, 2021, 8:30 AM, 21 UTV’s and ATV’s assembled across from Motel 8 for our day three ride. Ride leader Sam Smith.
Again out of town and under I-70, now back up the frontage road all the way to the Salina Creek trail to the north, Gooseberry trail #2. After a bathroom break, we begin our ascent climbing switchbacks to Coral Ridge which offered views to the north and south of vast colorful scenes. The colors were overwhelming to the delight of all taking it in. On the Dead Horse Ridge with Aspen grove tunnels through trees covered with a golden leaf carpet. Reaching the Skyline Drive we turn south finding a high mountain park to partake in our lunches. Many make comments that this ride offered scenes never before experienced and was so impressive. After a long lunch we headed out to Anthony flat for a bathroom break. Continuing we begin down Gooseberry trail #3. Usually ablaze with red Maples, however, many had lost their leaves. The Oaks made up for it in their display of rust, red, tan and yellows across the mountain sides. We were not disappointed. Our winding descent offered continuous scenes of nature, rock formations. The weather was clear all day and partly cloudy. This ride was shorter, but many thought the best of the three. Getting back early to allow many to get their machines loaded and ready to head home the next day. We had scheduled a group dinner at the El Mexicano Restaurant near the motel. We all enjoyed a festive dinner with a farewell from ATV Club President Tony Wright.

Photos 10-7-21, Day Three: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhPa_TWN4BAiuxl_75WA6R1TLaZY?e=sxlmbh


There were many offers of thoughts and recommendations for next year’s 2022 Fall (Autumn) Colors ride. Many thanks to the guides and drags and all riders for their attention to keeping our group together, and following the drop system, it worked.
The Super 8 Motel was a great motel, although they offered no breakfast, instead handing out paper bags with snack bars and fruits. Gasoline was at a great price being $3.33 at the nearby gas stations. All the restaurants were great, especially “Moms” located in town. No one had any issues with our travels, and I believe that our event was a great success. Thank you all for your cooperation. 

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To view the 2021 ATV Club vehicle road trip Report click on the below link to open the Report: Special thanks to Winnie Reid for here making a photo boollett of our adventures and all of the ancient indian sites visited.

June 22 to 28, 2021: Vehicle Road Trip visiting Anasazi sites report.


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Next Meeting

Next Meeting: 

November 18,2021 ATV Club Meeting
Kane County Search and Rescue meeting room
Kanab Airport 2nd story of metal building.
6:30 PM Deserts served
7:00 PM Meeting

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